The 2016 Washington parenting workshop was the first event that I attended after divorcing my husband. I was brokenhearted at that time, but I chose to continue my journey as a parent. Even if my ex and I broke up, I still made sure that my son will not be affected by the new change in our status. I have to admit that the first few months after the divorce were devastating. I did not know how to move forward from the pain, but with the right people around me, I was able to keep going.


One of my good friends suggested that I attend the workshop mentioned above. I am so glad that I listened to her. Without hesitation, I signed up for the workshop. It was something new for me, but everything went well. The event was designed for all kinds of parents – married parents, single parents, and divorced parents. The diversity of the attendees made the event more special for me.


During the workshop, I realized that being a divorced parent may be challenging, but I can survive. The keynote speakers taught several ways on how a parent like me can cope up with the struggles of parenting. At the same time, they also shared some methods that can help children survive their parents’ divorce. All these were beneficial on my part because it worked for my son and me.


Fast forward to this day; I am getting better at parenting. Even if my marriage did not work, at least I have my son to remind me how beautiful life is. I have now dedicated my life to make him feel special all the time. I want to make it my life’s mission to make him a successful individual in the future. I continue to make an effort to help him get past the divorce.