How To Choose The Perfect Therapist For Your Child


Seeking help for your child’s mental health is something that you should take seriously. You must be able to find the right therapist that can help your kid cope with whatever it is that’s making things difficult for him. Unfortunately, finding the perfect licensed professional that your child can get along with is pretty hard and daunting especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

Luckily, some ways can show you how to do it, and we have them right here. Here’s some information that BetterHelp had compiled for you so you know more about the kind of therapist you should consider for your child. 

Do Your Research 

The first step you should consider is doing a personal research. You can either ask the school’s counselor or any of your family and friends for recommendations. In addition to that, you can also do some research online. Find as many child therapists around your area as possible and make a list of candidates out of them. 

Gather Information 

The next thing you should do is to get relevant information about the candidates on your list. You can contact them and ask questions that you think can help in finding the appropriate therapist that suits the needs of your child. Ask about their rate, their license, their accreditations and insurance, your insurance, and if they could provide reviews from past patients. Then you can start trimming your list by eliminating those you think are unqualified. 


Ask Them Questions 

You can also ask your potential child therapists things about how they’re going to help your child. Question them about similar experiences in the pasts, their philosophy and training methods, the way they treat their patients, how they form a connection with their patients, and how you can be involved with the whole thing. These questions are important because you need to make your child feel as comfortable as possible when it comes to talking to a stranger about his problems.It is also another opportunity for you to find which therapists will be good for your child and which ones aren’t. After asking them questions, make sure to trim your list down to the best three candidates.

Set Up A Consultation 

Gather everything you know about your child’s condition and visit each of the candidates. Make sure you were able to compile all of your concerns about your kid and ask those therapists what they can do to help. It is also your chance to get a feel of what each therapy session would be. After paying all of them a visit, then it would be the time to choose which of them is more capable of delivering quality services. 

These steps should allow you to pick the right therapist for your child.  But if things don’t go as expected then don’t worry because sometimes it’s more of a trial and error thing.  Don’t throw away your list of candidates in case you’ll need to contact the others. Just don’t give up and you’ll find the right therapist that can help your child.

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