Parent’s Contribution To Their Child’s Behavior (Pediatric Counseling Discussion)


Those of us who have children know that it takes a lot of time and effort in ensuring that our kids grow up well-mannered and educated. We try so hard to make them adaptive to their surroundings and make them appreciate life. However, though we don’t aim for perfection, we know that there are some child behaviors that we dangerously ignore. Here is the list of the top picks.

  • Rivalry Among Siblings


Though there’s a good side to having a friendly competition, it shouldn’t have to be the cause of your children’s misunderstanding. You need to ensure that your kids find a way to work as a team. Make them understand that resolving issues in a fair manner results in a stronger bond in the family relationship. Explain to them the importance of respect. Make them feel equally happy.  


  • Dishonesty


When you tend to notice your child’s dishonesty, avoid making conclusions. Let your child know the importance of telling the truth as well as the consequences associated with telling a lie. Make him understand that lying is unacceptable and it may cause issues in the relationship. Never allow dishonesty to become a norm so that it won’t become a serious problem. 


  • Whining


It’s normal for kids to seek attention, though sometimes it’s typically annoying. So before it becomes a habit, make sure you tell your kids that they have to understand the proper approach in asking for something. There should always have to be a boundary so they won’t act negatively towards any of your disapprovals. Discuss the situation with your child to avoid whining in the future. 


  • Disrespectful Attitude


Your child exposes himself to different kinds of people with diverse characters and personality, and sometimes, he ends up adapting to some of their disrespectful behaviors. Never scold or yell at your child about it. Teach your child the right way of expressing their emotions instead. Teach them the importance of listening and show them the proper way of responding to unwanted circumstances. 


  • Ignoring Someone’s Bad Deeds


There’s a difference between blabber-mouthing an incident and trying to be vigilant. When your child keeps quiet with any bad situations, you need to explain to them the importance of trying to respond in the situation positively. You need you to make sure that your child understands the difference between helping and interfering so he can find the right solution in addressing the current situation. 


  • Rude Manners – Pressuring your kids to attain good manner is not going to help you at all. Instead of telling him what to do, show him how it should be done. Concentrate on reminding them to be attentive to others and be aware of their behaviors. Explain to them the importance of valuing obedience. Be a good role model in handling situations and represent yourself as an example of attaining proper behavior.


As a parent, you must contribute to your child’s health. As you venture to the discussion of pediatric counseling, you’ll understand that your child’s overall development depends on you.

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