How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Children


Being a parent is a tough role. Most parents balance everything from work to household chores, paying the bills, and more. Despite the exhaustion and sacrifices, they still choose to move forward because of their children. As parents, we only want the best for our children. However, working hard and giving them material things are not enough. What children seek the most is the company and love of their parents. Thus, you need to make sure to improve your relationship with your children if you wish for them to grow up well.

What Happens If I Don’t Improve Our Relationship?

In several studies, psychologists have found that during the early stages of a child’s development, they become dependent on their parents. The development of their brain is mainly affected by the love and attachment they receive from their primary guardian. Neglect of children has been linked to several mental health issues as well as decrease in their overall potential and happiness. These studies show that parenting plays a vital role in the development and growth of children.


Early attachment plays a significant role in predicting the future development of a child. In most researches, devotion is a good indicator of their long-term well-being. Curiosity, sociability, and social development are some factors that contribute to an excellent attachment to your children. Lack of this attachment at an early stage of growth often results in behavioral and emotional problems, as well as stress disorders. Thus, as parents, it is necessary to watch over the progress of your children to ensure their healthy growth.

How To Improve Our Relationship

In hopes of helping our children grow up healthy, it is crucial to establish a good relationship with them. Below are some ways to improve your relationship with your children.

  1. Be present. There are times when they seek company. Refusing to see them or spend time with them will only hurt their feelings. Take the time to show up on important moments of their lives (graduation, doctor visits, etc.). These will serve as valuable memories they will treasure.
  2. Make lots of memories together. There are simple ways to create such memories. You can have dinner every night together. You can also try going on vacations during the holidays. Even playing with them as kids is a memory they’ll never forget. Let these serve as things they can reminisce in the future.
  3. Respect their choices. Take the time to listen to them. They may have plans for themselves that are different from what you have initially set out for them. Don’t let this bother you; instead, learn to understand them and respect their choices. Support and guide them.
  4. Prioritize your children. Make your children feel secure by making them your priority. It is essential to take note of the little details. Maybe they are going through rough times, but you’re too busy to notice because of all your work.
  5. Let them know you love them. Make your children feel loved. Sometimes, actions may not be enough. Don’t be shy and tell them you love them. Assurance is an essential factor that builds up trust and improves your relationship.


Never neglect your children. They won’t stay as kids forever. Sooner or later, they’ll grow up and eventually leave you. Make sure that before they go, they’re the best version of themselves.


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