Mom And Daughter Bonding At The Symposium


The 2017 Child and Parent Symposium is a vital symposium to enhance parent-child relationships. My mother is a child therapist, and when I had Zoe, she would always tell me, “Linda, you and Bella must attend our symposiums!” And so, we attended, after so many invites from her. But I had no regrets. My time and money were well-spent in that symposium.

You know how it is when tweens blame you for “everything” in their life, right? They blame you for not having that Unicorn bag, and Tricia from Math has the cutest bag ever. Your tween blames you for ruining her life because you did not allow her to go to the Friday night party at Freddy Smith’s house. She blames you for her dad leaving. That was it. I had to bring her to the symposium, and I am so glad I did.

Zoe blames me for my husband, her father, leaving me. Well, you know what, he left the US both. Not just me, but also her. But Zoe did not understand that at first. All she thought was that daddy left because I was a “bitch.” Oh yes, she said that. And I did not know how to deal with her. I mean, how do you handle a 12-year-old daddy’s girl who is super hurt, and scared, and angry? The symposium opened the door for us both on how we should be communicating with one another and how we should both forgive my husband so we can move on.


After the symposium, she was quiet. She asked if we could grab meat lovers pizza and a strawberry milkshake. Those were her favorite comfort food, and so, we did. I swung by the pizza place she loved near our place. She did not speak much during dinner, and it was fine with me. At least, I do not have to listen to her whine.

When we got home, I thought it was going to be a still night. She tapped on my door and went into my room. She was teary-eyed. Zoe just hugged me, and she said: “Sorry, mom.” I think she was hit at the symposium. I just caressed her and kissed her, and from then on, she was not as angry.

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