Parenting Is Not All About You Doing Everything For Them


This 2019 Parenting Event was helpful, but it cannot compare to the first-hand experience. I am a mother of five kids who was married for nineteen years and have been taking care of children for 23 years now. It is never easy to be a parent. There is no magic pill to do it. You just have to suck it up, breathe in positive vibes, and breathe out your worries. That is what I do every single day since I still have three kids who are below 18.

Raising five kids is difficult. Taking care of them and all their needs, without a partner, is not just tough. It is a test of my patience and sanity.

“Mom, I need you.”

“Mom, I’m hungry.”

“Mom, I want this.”

“Mom, can you help me?”


They are all looking for me and want me to do things for them. And so, I have had enough, and I arranged for a family meeting.


I told them that we had to restore balance in our home. And that we needed to help each other out. It doesn’t mean that I am the mom; I will have to arrange everything and anything for them. What I did was:

  1. Each day, all five of them will have one on one time with me for at most thirty minutes. Regular time is fifteen minutes because I have to work and do chores. I have allocated that time for each of them so we can catch up.
  2. Speaking of chores, all five of them has it. The three big girls do the laundry. The two small kids are in charge of their own rooms. I do the kitchen clean up daily. Eldest does the living room clean up. Second-born does the lawn clean up once a day. The Middle child does the common T&B and the playroom.
  3. I do the cooking, but anyone of the big girls can help out. And they do. They help out.
  4. Big girls are in charge of taking/getting their small siblings to and from school.
  5. They all have their allowances.

Because of my ways, all my kids are disciplined. They know how to clean the house. And also, they are closer to one another now, much more than before. They also keep track of the chores, and they have money to spare.

That is a good parenting effect for me. Wouldn’t you agree?

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