Frequently Asked Questions About Memes’ Relatability

Whenever my cousins and I would reminisce about the old days, there was never a time when they would not mention my indifferent phase. Apparently, it started even before I knew how to read or write. The first instance when they realized it was when my mother scolded me over something and made me stay at the porch to think about my actions. Then, one of the older cousins said that she saw me there all afternoon, and I never once cried or asked my mother to let me back in the house. She added that I only went in when my father came home from work.

 In reality, I had zero recollection of what my mother and I disagreed on at the time that required such punishment. What I knew while growing up was that I had always been full of pride. When I see that I am right, I will not apologize or say yes to make others feel better. I would also not admit to being wrong when I knew that the others were wrong. Hence, I assume that that’s the same issue in the past.

 Nobody was aware that I began to feel hatred towards my parents from eight years old. Around that age, kids tend to remember and notice everything. I saw back then that even when my sister, who was two years younger than me, was at fault, I had to apologize to her whenever she cried. Even if her actions hurt me, I had no choice but to forgive her or let her do whatever she wanted with my toys. And if I ever got mad, my parents would scold me for not being cool enough.

My hate towards my mom and dad peaked when they allowed my sister to go on a field trip independently. Before reaching the grade level that could go on field trips, my parents always insisted that she go with me. Otherwise, I would not be able to participate. Even if I wanted to have fun with my friends by myself, I had no choice but to let her tag along then. But once my sister had the chance to go on the field trip, she was allowed to go by herself.

It made me wonder back then if my parents trusted my sister more than me. If that was the case, what did I do to make them feel that way? If it was not, then what was it? After all, I was a straight-A student. I was technically more competent than my sister; I was in more organizations than her. I was also generally more reliable and never lied to them about anything else (other than my hate for them, of course). Because of that, when I finally had enough, I screamed at the top of my lungs that I wished I was dead so that I would not have to see any of them again.


 Shaking The Family Dynamics

 My outburst shocked my parents to the core. I could tell that that’s what happened because they did not even manage to blink or say anything for 10 whole minutes. I honestly expected them to ground me or scold me for hours, but neither took place. Once my mother got over the initial shock, though, she went up to pick up the phone and dialed my only aunt’s number. Aunt Tilly was a child psychologist, you see, and she came right away with a set of questionnaires for me. When I asked what those are for, she said that they were written scales for kids who might have depression.

My answers to the questionnaire genuinely helped the child psychologist to diagnose me with depression. No one knew what to do with me because I refused to cooperate with anyone. That was until I fired up our old computer, got on the internet, and saw my first depression meme. It somehow normalized my condition and helped me realize that other people had the same disorder, too.

What is a meme?

A meme is a visual representation of a person’s idea regarding any topic. The thing is, there is no limitation as to what type of idea anyone can turn into a meme. Some may use facts; others may use their opinions.

What makes depression memes popular?

Depression memes are most popular due to their relatability. If you have not seen one, you must know that a depression meme typically contains observations, opinions, or jokes of the creator.

What is the difference between GIFs and memes?

Many individuals confuse GIFs and memes, thus pushing them to use both words interchangeably a little too often. In truth, their difference is as clear as the distinction between pictures and videos, though. Memes are practically still images with texts, while GIFs are usually clips cut out of a movie, TV show, or video that people may have found online.

Despite their differences, both memes and GIFs are created to make people laugh.


Have depression memes always been popular? 

Given the stigma surrounding mental illnesses (which was likely more overpowering in the past), the safest bet is that no, depression memes had not always been popular. With the creation of the internet and social media, more people have felt brave enough to share their mental health issues. That has allowed others to create depression memes that everyone may find relatable.

What is the significance of relating to depression memes?

Depression memes technically have two different effects on people. They can either illuminate you regarding how other people see a situation or amuse you at how spot-on they are describing what you think or feel. At the end of the day, though, depression memes are created to make you laugh, so relating to them at any level is significant gives you a way to relieve yourself of stress and improve your mood.

Is humor important when battling depression?

Yes, humor is absolutely important for someone trying to get rid of depression. When you joke and laugh, a massive load on your shoulders gets lifted. It may return once you are no longer laughing, but the momentary relief you experience may make you realize that there is a way out of your worries.

Unfortunately, some people tend to frown upon using humor when battling depression and say that depressed folks use humor to mask their condition. If you think about it, though, laughing is basically a form of expression. While others may choose to yell, curse, or cry, some want to laugh their troubles away.

Why should I laugh?

The primary reason why you should laugh is that it is the cheapest yet one of the most effective sources of stress relief on the planet. Laughing at least once a day can push your worries out of your mind, after all. It may only take a few seconds, but a few worry-free seconds will allow your brain to form solutions for your problems. Hence, the more you laugh, the more you may be able to resolve your issues faster.

Another reason to laugh is that it is a natural pain reliever. Many people get weirded out when someone getting cancer treatment or surgery or dealing with the death of a loved one laughs, but laughter happens to be their coping mechanism. In all honesty, it may give them a better chance of recovering fully than crying or moping.


Is it alright to laugh for no reason?

In reality, no. The saying that someone who laughs for no reason is “not right in the head” has a medical basis, considering most people who have suffered from a brain injury, thus causing them to be unable to control their emotions. The appropriate term for this condition is pseudobulbar affect (PBA).

How can I make myself laugh?

There are only three things you should do to make yourself laugh.

  • Hang out with naturally funny individuals. If you have coworkers, family members, or friends who seem to make it their life-long goal to make everyone laugh themselves silly during gatherings, you need to be with them more. Jokers tend to laugh easily, and their laughter can be contagious. By associating yourself with them, it will be challenging for you not to laugh with them.
  • Look for funny videos. The quickest way to do that is by going on YouTube and searching for compilations of babies doing silly stunts, animals with funny antics, or people pranking each other. In case you are into stand-up comedy, Netflix is one of the streaming platforms with a hefty list of stand-up videos.
  • Be the joker in the group. Considering others have told you that you are funny, you may try your hand at making people laugh. Even if you do not feel like doing so, if they laugh at your jokes, laughter may naturally bubble up inside you, too.

How can my mood improve?

  • Get a pet. Any form of animal can be your best friend if you take care of it well. It can keep you company during your lonely days and give you a reason to wake up every day. There is no harm in buying a pet from the store, but you may also consider adopting one or two from an animal shelter.
  • Exercise. Exercising is one of the easiest things to do, but people somehow forget to do it. Many tend to blame it because they do not have time – or extra money – for the gym, but there are plenty of free workout tutorials that anyone can try at home. And if those are too rigorous for you, walking is always an option.
  • Talk to friends. Often, people get depressed when they feel like they cannot talk to anyone. If you know there are people in your life who are just waiting for you to reach out, you must do so and start talking to them regularly. In this manner, you will no longer be as lonely as before.
  • Pick up a hobby. Feeling sour or dull is typical for people who have not much to do with their time. Considering working is not an option, try to see it as the best time to pick up a new hobby that can fill your days and make you productive.

Final Thoughts

At first, my parents did not understand what happened or how. They thought that we had the perfect family, that their parenting skills were superb. However, they finally saw the reality through that diagnosis.

 Years after that, my relationship with my family healed. Although my parents did not hold a grudge over my major outburst when I was barely a teenager, I would forever regret letting those words come out of my mouth. I love my parents and my sister more than anything in this lifetime. It just so happened that childhood jealousy went into play and got mixed with depression, resulting in disastrous behavior.


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